CH Harmony's Rachmaninov's Rhapsody CD

 CH Grangefield Lyberty's Legacy x CH Pooh's Tidings of Great Joy 

DOB: 10.14.07                                       PRA: Clear

Our First Bred-By Champion!!!!

 Rocky finished his championship in the Spring of 2009!  Thank you Elizabeth for making Rocky look so fabulous and thank you Tony for making our boy so happy and glorious in the ring!  Tony and Rocky completed their CD title in 2010 and are off doing many other adventures!

In addition to 3rd in Puppy 6-9 Sweeps at the Cardigan National Speciality in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, Rocky had three majors amd six wins, and a successful obedience title!  We enjoyed his journey in the ring and are greatful that he now does what he loves best - spends time helping Dad Tony with his multitude of tasks - around the church and community!

Rocky, Lulla and Sebastian in 2007 at their first Cardigan National Specialiy in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.  It was the first show for each of them!  They were such cute babies!

  Rocky seems to be able to stay focused when there's a camera around!




   Rocky and his parents, Tony and Carolyn Hewitt. 

For more pictures of Rocky, visit his mom's website, Lasting Impressions Artwork.